Journey of Code

At last, I am here at the head of a path into the coding boot camp.  After years of wavering back and forth on whether or not to even do a coding boot camp I have finally chosen the Flatiron School.  I have not yet applied and honestly cannot afford it outright.  I have to apply for a loan and know that I could possibly be turned down. I am hoping to God that I can get it without needing to ask friends or family for financial support.  This is an opportunity for a new job and career transition within the next year.

At present, I am enrolled in the Software Development bachelor of science program through the University of Maryland University College online.  It is an okay program that I fully intend to complete.  But in terms of obtaining the most immediate means to employment and fulfilling my passion for coding, I am choosing to parlay my degree program to do a boot camp.  It is my conviction that this is the best way forward.