Flatiron School's Bootcamp Prep and the Case of the Missing IDE

The bootcamp prep course through Flatiron School is phenomenal...so long as it allows you to continue.  My excitement and enthusiasm to work on the coursework have been atmospheric. Today I was on a role until I got a special little notice at the bottom of the browser stating that I've made enough progress to just go ahead and apply.  So now the IDE doesn't launch, preventing me from coding.

Progressing won't be happening although I actually wanted to blast through the prep before I begin in April to work through the actual web development course online.

At any rate, I have applied to FS and therefore will not be enrolling with Bloc simply because I like the platform, the support, and progress that I have already made with FS.  What's also awesome is how FS incorporated an online IDE and terminal into the learning platform called Learn.co.  I can also jump right into Slack from my Learn.co account as well as push and commit all of my labs to GitHub, which is also incorporated into Learn.co via an API.

I'm not even an official student yet, and love how FS works!

Stay tuned!