Walk Away And Return

Short and sweet.

I was working on the Tic Tac Toe Game Status lesson in Learn.co and got stuck on a particular method--the #winner method.  I got frustrated because I was just not able to abstract what was needed to solve the test problem.  So I got up and watched television.  

"David! Isn't that irresponsible and a time waster?"

Ordinarily, you'd be right.  But no, it was not a waste of time.  And it was a mature and responsible response to the moment of frustration.  I got up and walked away to do something completely different.  And on top of that the very show I watched hit on the very thing I was struggling with from quite an esoteric angle. (The show was HBO's "Here and Now," by the way.) 

When I was done, I plopped back down in front of my computer and in under two minutes, I solved what I had initially toiled over for about an hour prior to walking away from it.

Life is not all logical and clean and neat. It's ugly and beautiful and random and scary and amazing, and so much more.  Sometimes you have to let go in order to learn real control and discipline.

Take it or leave it. :)

Lastly, I did ask for help with other things earlier on in the lesson.  You gotta let go and ask for help. This is a form of strength and maturity!