Flatiron School Self-Paced Learning Path: Checking In


I just sat down and re-sketched my learning schedule in Google Calendar based on my new learning velocity since having returned to work. Based on how far I mapped getting through the remainder of the Learn.co curriculum, it will probably take right up to my birthday to complete (April 2019). Unfortunately, I only have enough money to cover three more months (October to December 2018). So I will probably have to quit by the time I’m about 60% of the way through the curriculum.

It is wonderful to see how far I have come. But the situation is, uh, well undeniable. I don’t have any passive income nor do I have anyone to ask for $3000 additional dollars, much less $50.

Now, there are people who say that people who cave to despair dabble in the pit of certain doom. I am not that guy. What I have stated above are facts. However, I also know that facts can change on a dime with and without any of my involvement. I am actively surveying for alternatives and options to keep me in this program.

With that said, I am not okay right now because I am justifiably concerned about my progress in the Learn.co program. But no matter what comes my way, I will be okay in the grander scheme of life.

At the end of the day, I am not catastroph-izing, in case I am not being clear enough for the reader.

Solution/Plan (Not what I want but what else is there?)

I am going to keep going, learning as much as I can. Once I’m out of money, that is it. December is my cutoff, basically.

I will resume my online degree with University of Maryland University College in Software Development and Security.

(If you read my earlier posts, you know that I postponed my software development degree to attend Flatiron School because I felt that Flatiron was a somewhat faster path to career transition and employment in the field as a junior developer—just to get my foot in the door. Also, I have never disclosed on this blog that I’m not just studying coding, but I am concurrently preparing for my IAT Level I exams which are DoD approved 8570 baseline certifications.)

IAT Level I Required Credentials

  • A+ CE

  • CCNA-Security

  • Network+ CE 

  • SSCP

Thinking intersectionally, for people like me where the deck is stacked against you, we are at best cornered into spreading our educational goals over large spans of years beyond traditional timelines as we work others jobs (if that) to remain afloat, grinding to make it in unseen and less glamorous ways. It is about survival in an economy that is increasingly a crushing fight. The years of education are sandwiched between frustrating sacrifices of self and goals (i.e. education) for family; wives, husbands, partners, and more.

Can’t get into my feelings too much because…it doesn’t help the situation. I’m just going to remain focused and keep the faith as I keep grinding #beyoncestyle (discipline and hard work). Rooting for my own damn self! :)

Wishing myself good luck!