David Moore

I am a software development and security bachelor of science student at University of Maryland University College. However, I've taken a detour to complete the Full Stack Web Developer track through Flatiron School. The purpose is to fast track myself closer to employment as a software engineer or web developer, after which point I will complete my degree.

My learning goals are to work as a software engineer. I enjoy solving problems and providing solutions for people and organizations. I also enjoy the role of the professional consultant.

It is my intent to gain skill with JavaScript, JQuery, React, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails in addition to the following prior knowledge.

I have beginner level experience in Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL and relational database concepts and design.

Since I am just beginning I do not have any projects to present. But I am on the path to creating my portfolio of projects as I learn.  For now, my blog is the source to see my journaled reviews of my learning, and how I think and solve problems. 


Coding student.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida